What We Provide

We Can Help

  1. Packs in a Pinch
    There are those times that you might find yourself in need of "just a few things" to get you through until more clothing is found. We have small emergency packs assembled for your convenience that include: toothbrush and toothpaste, pajamas, diapers/underwear, socks and one outfit. These packs are available to be delivered to you (as supplies last).
  2. Special Event Speakers
    Are you looking for a speaker for your retreat or event? Dan and Summer and some of the Thrive team members are available to share at your next event. For more information and scheduling contact us today!
  3. Just Incase Boxes
    We are excited to begin a new project that is specifically designed for special education classrooms. Just incase boxes contain extra clothing for students, fidget toys to aid in focus, non-perishable snacks for students and a little something extra for the teaching teams :) We can gear each box to for your specific class needs. To receive your box email us today!
  4. Connecting Families
    Community is important. Sometimes you just need a friend to talk to, someone who understands your circumstances and can empathize with your challenges. Let us help you get plugged into a community that will help provide love and support.
  5. Family Conference
    The Thrive team loves to bring families together to worship,fellowship, learn and grow together. We provide a full children's program as well! We will take our heart and vision on the road and bring this special event to your church or organization.